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Numis Network specializes in the highest grade, modern issue coins produced by leading government mints from around the world. The value of these collectible coins is not only based on their precious metal content but also on rarity, collector demand, and condition. The fact that the coins we offer are certified and graded by recognized experts makes them more valuable and desirable than ordinary, ungraded silver or gold bullion type coins.

Franklin Half Dollar Proof Series

The Franklin Half Dollar

Recently, we introduced a new addition to Numis Network’s Silver Coin of the Month program: the Franklin Half Dollar Proof Series. Issued from 1948 to 1963, the Franklin half dollar is overlooked by some collectors, but several interesting facts have conspired to help secure its place in the world of numismatics.

The Accelerator Set

At the forefront of Numis Network’s vision to engage people around the world to build collections of valuable, graded silver and gold coins is our Fast Track Collector’s Kit. This professionally designed kit has everything you need to begin your collection. The Fast Track Collector’s Kit includes a sturdy aluminum attaché case that is specifically designed protect and proudly display your growing collection of perfectly graded coins. It also includes a flawless MS70 silver coin to start your collection and custom etched Forever Crystal.

The Silver Britannia

Numis Network’s Silver Coin of the Month Club is, without a doubt, the best way to accumulate a large collection of valuable collectible assets. Each month, thousands of us eagerly await the arrival of our next perfectly graded silver coin.

Commemorating Life's Most Important Events

For many people, the only thing future generations will have to remember them by may be a box full of old photographs or some home videos. And with those memories increasingly being stored only in computer formats, maybe not even that!

Of course, inheriting a handsome attaché case full of silver and gold coins from Numis Network would be a wonderful thing. However, consider this, what connection would the heir have with you… the person who originally began that collection?

Silver and Gold Coins

Our extensive catalog of graded silver and gold coins includes valuable treasures produced by the US Mint in addition to other leading government mints around the world. With Numis Network you can build your collection with complete confidence that you are receiving the world's most beautiful and valuable coins at some of the best prices available anywhere.

The Forever Crystal

The Numis Network Forever Crystal commemorates your life's most important occasions with a personalized message and photo. This is an elegant and enduring timeless treasure. Your image and words will live forever, custom etched in your crystal by powerful lasers. The Forever Crystal, developed exclusively by Numis Network, is a unique and stately design. It makes an exquisite present, whether packaged alone, or together with a gift of coins.

Silver Premier Club

Finally, a simple and affordable way to collect something of real value that's fun and rewarding for the whole family. With Numis Network's Silver Premier Club you can build a huge collection of beautiful and valuable collectible assets. Just about everybody collects something... shouldn't it be assets? As a member of this exclusive club, you will receive one of these beautiful treasures each and every month. Each coin is expertly selected from the world's leading government mints for its beauty and value.

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