Silver Premier Club

Just about everyone collects something… shouldn’t it be assets?

Finally, a simple and affordable way to collect something of real value that's fun and rewarding for the whole family. With Numis Network's Silver Premier Club you can build a huge collection of beautiful and valuable collectible assets. Just about everybody collects something... shouldn't it be assets? As a member of this exclusive club, you will receive one of these beautiful treasures each and every month. Each coin is expertly selected from the world's leading government mints for its beauty and value. Your Silver Premier Club coin comes to you in perfect condition, graded, certified, and encapsulated to preserve its museum quality condition.

We've made it simple, convenient, and affordable. You don't have to be a coin expert to enjoy the value. Just imagine how big and valuable your collection would be if you had collected one silver coin each and every month for the past 5 years. Now just imagine what you'd build if you acquired a silver coin each month for the next 5 years... 10 years... and longer. As a member of the Silver Premier Club you too can Create Wealth, Collect Wealth, and Preserve Wealth and have a lot of fun doing it.

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